Green Pledge

Join the people pledging to change the world.

Always use a cloth bag. Do not use paper or plastic bags for your grocery.

Turn off unused or un needed lights.

When purchasing electrical and electronics items buy low wattage equipments.

Use solar free energy. Solar energy is purely God's energy Zero power cut - Zero electricity bill.

Upgrade lighting. Use advanced LEDs 75% less energy and last longer than incandescent lighting.

Play energy saving games with your kids.

Closing curtains during the long summer days to reduce heat in the home.

Ensure proper earthing in your premises.

Turn-off decorative and non-essential lights especially in unoccupied areas.

Replace an old television to a LED television.

Use 5 star rated appliances with inverter type ex: inverter AC,inverter fridge.

Planting trees and other vegetation around your home to provide natural shade.